Welcome to Rejuvenate Clinic, your premier weight loss clinic providing personalized care and innovative solutions for sustainable fat loss and improved wellbeing. As leading authorities in medical weight loss, our exceptional physicians have the expertise to create customized weight management plans using the latest advancements in pharmaceutical therapies and lifestyle coaching.

Overview of Services

At Rejuvenate Clinic, we understand that obesity and being overweight pose serious health risks and can greatly reduce one's quality of life. We aim to help patients not just lose weight but keep it off through a weight loss clinic program that addresses the underlying causes of weight gain on a biochemical level.

Our clinic specializes in chronic disease prevention and weight loss clinics utilizing semaglutide injections, a newer class of anti-obesity medication that works by acting on appetite regulation pathways in the brain. We also offer accompanying lifestyle modification coaching for nutrition, fitness, and mindset. Semaglutide weight loss plans start with a comprehensive health evaluation to identify suitable candidates, set weight loss goals, and monitor progress.

Our personalized medical weight loss programs powered by semaglutide help patients lose up to 25% of their body weight safely and effectively.

While our semaglutide weight loss clinic represents the cutting edge in sustainable pharmaceutical-assisted fat loss, we also provide traditional medical weight loss services including prescription appetite suppressants and nutritional IV therapies for a boost in energy and accelerated results.

In addition to semaglutide injections, we offer traditional medical weight loss options like prescription appetite suppressants and nutritional IV therapies.

At Rejuvenate Clinic, your transformation is our passion. Let us help you end frustrating yo-yo dieting, reset your metabolism, and give you the tools to take control of your health. Our statistics show patients losing between 10-15% of starting body weight over a 6-month treatment period when protocols are followed consistently.

Diagnostics: Assessing Hormonal Imbalances

Losing weight and keeping it off long-term means addressing the root physiological and hormonal causes of weight gain. At Rejuvenate Clinic, initial testing is ordered to screen for metabolic dysfunctions that contribute to obesity.

We check fasting blood glucose and hemoglobin A1C to assess insulin sensitivity. Oxidative stress markers help us understand physiological inflammation while thyroid panels identify hypothyroidism, a common cause of stubborn weight gain. Male and female sex hormone labs aid in designing balanced protocols that maximize fat burning while preserving lean tissues.

Vitamin and nutrient testing identifies deficiencies that can exacerbate cravings, fatigue, and slow metabolism. Our diagnostics provide the data we need to best support the body's natural weight regulation mechanisms.

Complete metabolic and hormonal testing allows us to identify the specific nutritional, lifestyle, and pharmaceutical interventions appropriate for your unique physiology.

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Innovative Weight Loss Medications

Overview of Semaglutide

One of the most powerful medications used in modern medical weight loss is semaglutide, an innovative glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogue that enhances satiety signals in the brain. It is self-administered as a simple weekly injection.

Originally developed for diabetes treatment under the brand names Ozempic and Rybelsus, semaglutide has shown remarkable efficacy for weight loss and appetite control in numerous clinical trials.

In 2021, the FDA approved Wegovy, a higher dosed semaglutide specifically for chronic weight management. However, due to incredible demand and limited manufacturing capacity, obtaining brand name semaglutide can be very challenging.

Fortunately, Rejuvenate Clinic has access to pharmacy-grade semaglutide, allowing us to provide this breakthrough medication to those eager to benefit from its profound effects on regulating eating behaviors and calorie intake.

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 medication used for diabetes and obesity that acts on appetite regulation pathways in the brain to powerfully suppress hunger and food cravings.

Mechanism of Action

As a GLP-1 receptor agonist, semaglutide activates key neurons in the hypothalamus, hindbrain, and gastrointestinal tract impacting energy intake and storage.

It works via three complementary physiological mechanisms:

  1. Slowing gastric emptying so that nutrients take longer to digest, increasing satiety after meals
  2. Activating satiety signals and reducing feelings of hunger in the brain
  3. Improving insulin sensitivity, allowing for more efficient carbohydrate metabolism and fat burning

This multi-pronged approach translates into effortless calorie deficit, better blood sugar balance, and accelerated fat loss compared to lifestyle interventions alone. It empowers patients to establish healthy eating habits free from overwhelming hunger and cravings.

Physiological Effects Clinical Outcomes
Slows gastric emptying Earlier satiation after smaller meals
Activates satiety centers Marked suppression of appetite and hunger
Improves insulin sensitivity Stabilized blood glucose levels, increased fat metabolism

Semaglutide tackles weight loss on three fronts - slowing digestion, suppressing appetite, and optimizing carbohydrate metabolism for faster results.

Candidacy and Safety

Semaglutide is appropriate for patients with a BMI over 30 or a BMI over 27 with comorbidities like hypertension, high cholesterol, or diabetes. Both men and women respond very well, provided hormonal balance is first addressed.

While gastrointestinal distress can occur early on, most patients become accustomed quickly with proper dosing. For those who cannot tolerate injections, oral semaglutide is also available.

As with all medical therapies, semaglutide requires physician supervision. We monitor kidney and liver function, blood counts, and blood sugar at regular intervals. Usage may need to be periodically discontinued, which can lead to some weight regain.

Maintenance plans after reaching target weight involve recalibrating nutrition and activity levels to support the new body composition. Compared to bariatric surgery, which permanently alters digestive anatomy, pharmaceutical weight loss is more physiologically harmonious.

With proper medical oversight, semaglutide poses very little health risk while offering profound metabolic benefits for the overweight and obese.

Lifestyle Support: Nutrition and Exercise

Sustainable fat loss requires adopting habits that align with your body's innate metabolic priorities. Fad diets notoriously fail long-term because they ignore bioindividuality and take a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

At our Rejuvenate Clinic, our certified health coaches provide customized nutrition and fitness plans tailored to your unique physiology, preferences, and lifestyle factors.

Macronutrient Optimization

We help patients determine appropriate ratios of proteins, healthy fats, and vegetable carbohydrates that don't provoke blood sugar imbalances. This stabilizes appetite hormones like ghrelin and leptin for effortless calorie deficit.

Education on glycemic index, nutrient density, and optimal meal timings gives patients the knowledge to make informed food choices that leave them nourished, satisfied, and supported in their weight loss goals.

Optimizing personal macronutrient ratios is more effective for appetite control than counting calories or restricting foods.

Realistic Exercise Plans

Sustainable fitness must account for current conditioning level, physical abilities, time constraints, and personal enjoyability.

Rather than demanding unrealistic intensity levels, we create stepwise exercise prescriptions that gradually build capacity. This prevents the cellular and hormonal strain that leads to adrenal fatigue. Adaptive thermogenesis is incorporated so that metabolism continues elevating.

Gradual progressive exercise plans prevent adrenal burnout and metabolic downregulation that can sabotage weight loss efforts.

FAQs: Debunking Weight Loss Myths

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Patient Stories: Transformed Lives

Clinic patient Amanda W. says:

"I had struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, often losing some weight initially only to gain it all back plus more. The semaglutide program at Rejuvenate Clinic helped me finally break that cycle! For the first time, I feel in control of my eating habits with no overwhelming food cravings. I have lost 37 pounds over the past 5 months and feel better than I have in decades. My energy levels are way up, and I am making gains in the gym I never thought possible. I only wish I had known about medical weight loss sooner! This clinic has given me my life back."

John B. echoes similar sentiments:

"As someone who travels often for work and eats out regularly, maintaining healthy nutrition and fitness habits has always been a challenge. But with the customized plans from my health coach at Rejuvenate Clinic incorporating semaglutide therapy, I have been able to establish consistency with my eating and exercise routine even when I'm on the road. For the first time, I don't stress eat or binge at airports and hotels. Combining the effortless appetite control from semaglutide with expert lifestyle guidance has helped me succeed where so many other diets and programs failed. I am halfway to my goal and excited to see even more changes in the months ahead!"

The innovative solutions at Rejuvenate Clinic empower patients to overcome lifelong struggles so they can achieve sustainable weight loss and live their healthiest lives.

Rejuvenate Clinic Difference: Why Choose Our Clinic

At Rejuvenate Clinic, your transformation is fueled by clinical excellence, scientific integrity, and compassionate care. Our fully licensed medical staff stay at the leading edge of nutritional therapies, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, and cutting-edge prescription medications.

We take time to understand patients' unique health history and challenges to uncover the root causes of weight gain and metabolic dysfunction. Combining advanced diagnostics with personalized protocols allows us to restore balance, optimize hormones, remove cravings, boost energy, and turn your body into a fat-burning machine!

Our extensive experience using semaglutide for safe, rapid, and lasting weight loss means we have perfected dosing strategies, side effect mitigation, and lifestyle support. Maximum results with minimum discomfort is our commitment.

Guiding patients to feel empowered, motivated, and excited to reach their aesthetic and performance goals is our passion. We provide the evidence-based tools and thoughtful solutions for you to write your own health transformation story.

Rejuvenate Clinic's physician-supervised medical weight loss programs deliver rapid results and lifelong solutions for sustainable fat loss and metabolic health.


We hope this informative overview of our comprehensive medical weight loss services has provided you with clarity on what makes Rejuvenate Clinic so effective at helping patients achieve their body composition and wellness goals. Please contact us if you have any other questions. We look forward to working with you on your personal health transformation journey!

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